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Are you breaking the golden rule when submitting your CV?

16th September 2015

Are you breaking the golden rule when submitting your CV?

As a recruiter I get 100’s of CVs into my in box over the course of a week, a substantial number of which are ignoring the golden rule of NEVER, ever submit a CV which has not been specifically tailored for the role you wish to apply for.

The days of the generic CV which would get you an interview with either a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager are long gone and NO and generic CV with a tailored covering letter will not do. Let’s face it guys, whilst it may be a little time consuming it’s not difficult to “Tweak” a CV nowadays.

Just think about it, why should someone interview you if there is no relevant information on your CV that identifies your suitability for a particular role? It appears slap dash and lazy which raises a question for Recruiters and Hiring Managers alike. Whilst it may be tempting to get lots and lots of applications out there using your generic CV, you really will not be increases your success rate by adopting this method and actually are likely to do much more harm than good. Don’t lose sight of your objective at this point, which is to get interviews and job offers

So, I beg all job seekers, remember your CV is a sales document use the space wisely to sell your skills and expertise for a particular role and watch the interviews roll in………

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