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Are you breaking the golden rule when submitting your CV?


Are you breaking the golden rule when submitting your CV? As a recruiter I get 100’s of CVs into my in box over the course of a week, a substantial number of which are ignoring the golden rule of NEVER, ever submit a CV which has not been specifically...

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Busy Brain Blog


  Nearly the end of the first quarter of 2015 and like most SME business owners/managers I woke up last night and immediately got what’s known in our house as “busy brain”! My thoughts started to wonder to all of the things I had planned to achieve during these...

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Bouncing back from redundancy – employees perspective


Whilst talking with two separate people recently at a networking event, both reluctantly and almost shamefully admitted having been made redundant in the past. It struck me just how devastating this life event can be. It can leave the individual with feelings of failure, rejection, loss of status and...

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Making it easy for SMEs to recruit!


At CJE Resourcing we engage in a revolving conversation that centers upon a key theme that goes something like this, “What can we do to provide valuable and cost effective solutions for our SME clients?” You see, this question is close to our hearts and we empathise with the...

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The One Page Covering Letter

I can’t stress enough to you the importance of a good covering letter. Let’s begin by taking a moment to consider the start of the hiring process. The person reading your letter (and that could be either a recruiter, hiring manager or an HR Professional), may be reviewing hundreds...

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