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Community Support

We are delighted to be working with Focus12 supporting their clients to enhance their employability skills. We offer advice and guidance to help equip clients with both the confidence and skills they require to seek employment.

About Focus12

Focus12logoFocus12 was established in 1997 as a small drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. We are now nationally recognised and respected as a leading abstinence based community-residential drug and alcohol treatment centre with a significant track-record. Our clients come from all over the UK and on occasions from beyond our shores.

Our main aim is to help clients with an addiction, which is an illness, to realise a future free of dependence on substance(s), but we are crucially also involved in supporting their families and others who have a significant relationship with them.

The founders, Patrons and Trustees have always wanted to provide a safe semi-residential environment where clients could be detoxed and introduced to the idea of living clean and sober lifestyles. We deliver this as ‘residential day care’ allowing the clients to be safe at all times but experiencing their treatment with a degree of independence and freedom, in a real community; not cut off from the real world. Average length of treatment is between 10-12 weeks. Our experience over the years has shown that clients that complete this treatment are better equipped on discharge, to cope with life’s inevitable problems, and to enjoy the opportunities it offers.

What do we provide?

We provide a complete package within our treatment facility: detox from both drugs and alcohol, under the supervision of our Consultant Psychiatrist; abstinence based treatment with group therapy; workshops and educational help; an extensive Family Support programme; Aftercare; Resettlement; an associated therapy centre (The Annexe); and on-going support for anyone caught up in the chaos of addiction.

So who benefits?
  • Circa 100 clients a year, with 55-60% dependent on the Benefits system, and many with dual-diagnoses for mental health, physical and/or other illnesses
  • Circa 60 ‘graduates’ a year offered aftercare support; graduates are clients who have successfully completed the 10-12 week treatment i.e. in recovery/abstinent
  • 400-500 family members a year (the client’s children, siblings, partners, parents and other close relatives/friends)
  • The communities that our clients live, work and volunteer in

Focus12’s ethos also extends to maintaining a level of care to clients who graduate from our treatment programme, at no cost to the client. This service takes the form of aftercare, which is available for up to 6-9 months; we also facilitate a weekly family support group in Suffolk. Aftercare currently takes the form of weekly counsellor led group sessions in both Suffolk and London.

Fundraising and donations

Our income is predominantly based on client fees but the financial shortfall, based on for example the free services/beds we provide and has to be bridged by a mixture of fundraising activities/projects, grant applications and donations. We are a small charity that brings about a significant impact on people’s lives, as well as indirectly influencing a positive change to the communities they reside, volunteer and/or work within. The importance of the help we receive in kind or in the way of donations cannot be underestimated; it is critical and enables us to operate according to the objectives set out by our founders.

About St Nicholas Hospice

Hospice logo BLUE StN_RGB300_FR_togetherWe are a UK registered charity (no. 287773) founded in 1984. We provide end of life care and support to about 3,000 people per year (patients, carers and families) in West Suffolk and South Norfolk. We provide:




  • Community services – specialist care and nursing support for patients at home
  • Hospice Neighbours– over 100 local volunteers giving practical support to patients at home (e.g. gardening, cooking, collecting shopping or companionship)
  • Day therapies (e.g. support groups, physiotherapy, complementary therapies)
  • A 12-bed in-patient unit, providing 24-hour specialist nursing care
  • Family support – counselling, bereavement supportand practical advice for families, plus a bespoke bereavement programme for children and young people
  • Learning & development – guidance and training for local healthcare professionals.

We seek to build the capacity of communities and local organisations to cope with serious illness, dying and death rather than just providing services in isolation. We also aim to care for patients in accordance with their unique needs and wishes, and to support them to achieve normality in their lives as far as possible.


We are in discussion locally to assist with employability skills within education.

Charitable giving

With every in-houseRecruit package sold in Suffolk we will donate £25 to Focus12 and £25 to St Nicholas Hospice Care.

Established association

Sheila has an association with St Nicholas Hospice as she and three friends took over the organisation of Bury St Edmunds Hidden Gardens annual event three years ago. Hidden Gardens is held on Fathers Day each year, it attracts over 2000 visitors to the historic town centre and raises over £20,000 on the day for the Hospice. In 2014 Hidden Gardens returned a record fund raising effort for the hospice, raising £24,483.